Scott Blissett — Product Designer

Principal product designer at Australian Payments Plus, based in Sydney, Australia.

Hearing feedback

Feedback comes in many shapes and sizes

It's natural to label some feedback as good, bad, helpful, unhelpful, constructive or nonconstructive and this is a natural reaction to hearing something.

What we have to do as designers is remove those labels and hear each person's feedback as another piece of input.

People are providing to you their contribution to the overall result of the design. As a designer it is up to you to give each person's voice the same time and respect as the next.

What of that feedback you directly action is where your skills and experience as a designer come into the process. If you take the time to listen to all the feedback your decisions will only be supercharged with more context, more rationale and a deeper understanding of all the variables that you are navigating in your project.

That's not to say remove your emotions entirely from the feedback process, you're human after all. But try to apply those emotions in a positive sense that move the design forward, be passionate about the next steps and that people are equally as passionate about having a say.

9th August 2023